Lazarus Training Name?

We are often asked about our name Lazarus Training. How did it come about? Most people have some idea that it is connected to medicine somehow, but are not sure of the details. Lazarus Training is a medical training provider specialising in training to enable people to help themselves, and each other and to potentially save a life, often through the use of skills such as resuscitation.

One explanation of our Lazarus Training name, is that the Lazarus element in our name comes from the bible. In the Gospel of John there is a biblical story of the resurrection of Lazarus of Bethany by Jesus. By a little reworking it is easy to make a link to resuscitation training. There are a number of other sources and references which all place Lazarus in a similar light. In more recent times we have seen our name Lazarus Training appear in a number of TV programmes such as Sherlock Holmes, something which always gives us a thrill.

Whilst their are strong links between Lazarus Training, its staff and religion, Lazarus Training is a non-religious organisation. We welcome connections with people of all faiths, or none. More detail about how we work can be found on the “how we work” page of this website.


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